Visitors from Tel Aviv


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The stay in Berlin takes place between August 20th – 31st 2010. From the
expected total of 18 guests the group first arrives in Berlin with 10 young guests.
Awaiting them is an interesting 12-days program inside and outside the city,
mainly focusing on meetings and talks with young people from the gay and
lesbian scene. Following them on August 24th is another delegation from Tel Aviv,
including representatives of the city council, the police and gay and lesbian antiviolence
projects. Their stay will take seven days. Planned are numerous talks
and exchanges of experiences evolving around the topics homophobia and
prejudice-motivated hateful violence.

In Berlin, the program includes meetings and talks with the Prussian Parliament
with Berlin representatives, with representatives of the state criminal office in
Berlin’s police headquarters, Members of Parliament in the German Bundestag,
Berlin’s mayor in the town hall, with the Jewish community in Berlin and with
representatives of anti-violence projects at MANEO.

The Program in Berlin is framed by visits to interesting sights and cultural
events, as well as night excursions to the illustrious and unique offer of Berlin’s
scene life.

During the day trip to Potsdam, talks with representatives of the Brandenburg
national council, with the mayor in Potsdam’s town hall and with representatives
of the police in the police headquarters are planned.

The short stay in Cologne consists of a similar program. Here, meetings and talks
with city representatives, the police, the Jewish community and representatives
of projects are planned, framed by cultural highlights.

So that the young people from Tel Aviv can spend a quite time in Berlin, Potsdam
and Cologne they will be kept away from the press and the media. Press and
media are asked for their understanding. However, the official representatives
are available for public appearances, conversations and discussions.

The final evening of their stay, on August 30th, is combined with MANEO’s 20-
years celebration in Berlin’s TIPI, the culture tent at the Chancellery.